I am a 19 year old student currently studying in SOAS University in London. I am a good listener; I am attentive to instructions I have been given, and am able to respond efficiently according to the directions. I am very calm by nature, and can remain level headed even in stressful situations. I am comfortable interacting with people and am able to communicate and cooperate well with others. I enjoy meeting new people, and would consider myself an approachable and helpful person. I can work effectively both by myself and together in a team with others. I have a strong sense of logic, which enables me to make quick, practical decisions when needed.

My previous experience includes various part-time jobs in restaurant and retail, as well as volunteering in different fields. My past education consists of 13 GCSEs and 4 A levels. I enjoy travelling and using creativity and logic to find solutions to problems, so I would like to be able to have a career that incorporates these features in the future.

Photography is both a hobby and passion of mine, as it allows me to see the world and capture its beauty. I have travelled far and wide to experience things and photograph them, to places such as India, Iceland and Islington.

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